Personal Chef Menus

Everyone should be able to enjoy fresh, healthy, great tasting food regardless of his or her dietary needs or family lifestyle.  Let me cook for you or your family on whatever schedule works for you – weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly.  I have a significant amount of experience in cooking for people with special dietary needs including gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, low salt, low fat, low carb, the Body Ecology Diet and diabetic. I believe that everyone, whether on a special diet, or just always on the go, deserves meals full of flavor and variety.

Clients have stated that I have special knack for figuring out what families want to eat for dinner and creating meals that satisfy everyone, even picky children. I have a true love of cooking that I love to share and I can make your life easier and healthier in a very economical manner. Grocery shopping, cooking of the meal, and packaging are all included in my personal chef services.

  • Each meal contains and entree and side dish and serves a family of four comfortably
  • The $30.00 delivery fee will be waived with the purchase of 5 or more meals
  • Flexible delivery schedule available
  • Reheating and freezing directions provided
  • Meals with side dish for four start at $37.00
  • 20% increase for all organic ingredients